Who are we?

With a cumulative experience of more than 30 years in the field of energy and batteries, the Best-Batteries team brings together quite different, but nevertheless coherent profiles of people who share a common vision of the company and the same enthusiasm on a daily basis.

The adventure really began in 2011, when Benoit Richard, a young Lozère entrepreneur then aged 33, decided to launch his own company selling photovoltaic equipment and providing advice in the field. This project will evolve rapidly, with the arrival of collaborators, towards a broader project, with the aim of presenting to the public the most efficient and reliable products in this field, and then, by extension, in the field of batteries.

In 2015, Harmonia, through its website Best-batteries.com, specializes in testing and reviewing equipment, in order to become one of the references in the field, and with the aim of offering only the best in this universe. The current team of 9 employees has not changed since 2017, and has thus been able to show itself stable and agree on the direction that the online store should take, and which editorial line we wanted to follow. Thus Best-Batteries has become a hybrid site, which is both an online shop for the sale of electric batteries and related equipment, and a site for the review and testing of these materials, while having expanded its offer thanks to the support of major external commercial partners, such as Amazon or ManoMano, which, with their extremely wide offer, allow us to offer or keep in the catalogue products that we do not yet have or no longer have in stock in our 600m² warehouse.

Our team is particularly close-knit and proud of the values that its members share, particularly in terms of ethics and ecology, and proud to know that it is more oriented towards a common passion than towards a purely commercial aspect. Our testers, as well as the rest of the team, are really involved and motivated, in order to be able to offer its customers, and more generally, Internet users, a truly impartial selection of the best articles on the market.

Our partners

As you may have noticed, or as we have indicated above, we have chosen to offer on our site items that we do not have in stock (either they are out of stock, or we have not yet added them to our catalog, or we have not yet decided to do so in certain specific cases). To be able to offer a truly complete and impartial selection of the best items in each of our categories and sub-categories, we have decided to partner with different web players (with much larger catalogues than ours), and to give our visitors the opportunity to choose to buy these products from these partners rather than from us.

We have focused on marketplaces and sites with a very large number of references in the fields of interest to us, such as the unavoidable Amazon or the excellent French site ManoMano, who are our two main partners (almost all our products are on sale in one and/or the other of these stores), as well as other more or less well-known players, such as Fnac, Cdiscount, eBay, Rakuten, Alibaba, Banggood, Fasttech, GearBest, etc.
In some cases, we receive a commission for sales made to our business partner, in some cases, not, we receive absolutely nothing. Our goal is not only lucrative, insofar as we also want to be a service to help in the choice of products and a service offering reviews useful to all, but we have expenses and a team that we have to pay (yes ^^), and if a partner can commission us, it is a good thing for us. However, always with the aim of impartiality and exhaustiveness, we cannot simply offer only articles that are with partners commissioning us, and that is why, for a certain number of articles, we make a link to a partner for whom we do not receive anything.
It was important for us to clarify this, in a desire for transparency, and because the format of our site is atypical and can confuse some visitors, or make them ask themselves questions about how we work, hence our desire to have this paragraph of explanation.

Finally, we are very broadly open to future partnerships, especially with small structures such as ours, so do not hesitate to contact us if you manufacture or distribute certain items related to our activity. It's a good thing, if we can distribute outgoing links to several partners, rather than having only huge marketplaces that have, necessarily, almost all the items we have selected for you :)

Our particularities

So, how is this site different from the others, and what can it bring?
Best-Batteries.com is a rather special shop, as it is not just a shop not just an online shop allowing its visitors to buy products. It has been designed and conceived to be a cross between a traditional e-commerce, an article directory, a purchasing aid and a product review site.

Where most online stores will offer you a catalogue of items selected for the sole purpose of making margin (and therefore able to offer you products that are objectively poor or of poor quality, on the pretext that the commercial margin is interesting), and where generally the commercial argument takes precedence over impartial and disinterested advice regarding the product to be sold, we have decided to present only the products that we have tested and for which we have validated quality and durability (and generally functionality). When a supplier asks us "so I guess you want to add our best sale to your catalogue", we answer "no, we want to add to our catalogue, the best of your products in terms of quality".

This impartiality that we want to be essential in our selection of products, added to the modest size of our company (compared to some of the mastodons on the net), has also pushed us to make a drastic choice in our editorial line, namely to offer articles that we do not have in stock, but that some partners offer. If a product is out of stock with us, or if we simply have not (yet) added to our catalogue, but we know that it is the best in the field, then we add it to our section, with, if possible, the choice left to our visitors to choose between different partners. It is thus possible for us to really list the best products, even when we are not able to sell them directly. But it helps the visitor to make the right choice.

It is also with this in mind that our team of testers reviews all the products we offer. What better way to find out which product is the best in its category than to test it, in real conditions, to abuse or even torture it (torture-test). This is exactly the mission of our testers, who, on a daily basis, and even during their holidays, test a certain number of items in order to determine their effectiveness, strength and durability in vivo. We push these items to their limits, subjecting them to tests that almost hurt us, such as placing them in extreme cold, humidity or heat conditions, dropping them, running them non-stop for days, etc. If a product has withstood our battery of tests without blinking, then it deserves its place in our ranking of the best products. We can thus guarantee our entire offer. Not to mention the fact that it's very fun, and that our testers often get off on testing new equipment and killing a number of them.

Note: If you are a supplier and would like to see one or more of your products appear in our catalogue, and you are confident in the quality and durability of your devices (related to the theme of batteries, of course), do not hesitate to contact our team, via the "Contact" page, to send us one or more samples, so that our review team can test their durability and functionality.

Our philosophy, our commitments

We are acting for reforestation Another specificity that we have made our own is the ethics and the eco-responsible, sustainable and fair aspect of our work, as much as possible. We take pride in ensuring that our carbon, energy and ecological footprint is the best possible... It is impossible, for example, for a company claiming to be an energy specialist, not to be supplied with as much green and sustainable energy as possible. That is why all our installations are powered by photovoltaic panels and a wind turbine, with advanced energy management systems. We are proud to have fully positive energy premises. In the same way, we make it a point of honour to donate part of our income to reforestation, and to support local initiatives that we consider positive for the environment and biodiversity. This is an everyday struggle, which we want to fight as much as we can. We are aware that the technology of a certain number of devices that we propose in our catalogue are either not very ecological or difficult to recycle, or that they have to travel long distances to come to France, but we do our best to reduce these negative aspects as much as possible, and compensate them by other responsible actions.

Our goal is, and this apart from any commercial discourse widely heard everywhere, to provide our customers, the best possible service and the most impartial choice, and our visitors, the best advice and the best selection, so that they can choose or be informed in complete confidence, in order to make their purchase choice, whether it is with us, with one of our commercial partners, or anywhere else.